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Combined Tour “El Cid” trail + Sierra de la Demanda

Combined route with departure from Covarrubias to Quintanar de la Sierra and back to Covarrubias discovering the wonderful natural landscapes of Burgos.

Doñana Completa. Horse trail through the Natural Park of Doñana

Ruta a caballo por el Parque Natural de Doñana

Way of St. James – WEEK 1 – From Roncesvalles to Santo Domingo de la Calzada

First stage of the Way of Santiago between Navarra and La Rioja. We leave Roncesvalles and after 7 days we will arrive to Santo Domingo de La Calzada in La Rioja.

Way of St. James. – WEEK 2 – From Sto. Domingo de La Calzada to El Burgo Ranero

2nd week –  The second stage in the Way of St. James runs from the fertile land of La Rioja towards plains of Castile

Way of St. James. – WEEK 3 – From El Burgo Ranero to O Cebreiro

3nd week –  The third stage in the Way of St. James . We will cross from the plains of Castile to the green forest of Galicia.

Way of St. James – WEEK 4 – From O Cebreiro to Santiago de Compostela

This is the 4th stage of The Way of St. James across the green forest in Galicia to our goal, Santiago de Compostela.

Traditional bulls round-up

Encierros de Portillo

Trail to Santander

Scenic trail from Burgos to Cantabric Sea

“El Cid” trail – Famous knight and his path of exile.

The roots of Castile, the roots of Spain

Source of River Duero

Where the River Duero begins

Sierra de la Demanda trail

Ride over the hills full of dinosaur fossil, glacier lagoons and abandoned railways.

Wine Route

Gourmet Ribera del Duero trail

Trail through Mountains of Gredos

Fabulus ride over the Mountains of Gredos