The Arlanza stables


In the stables of Arlanza we have the most suitable facilities for the welfare of our horses, in addition to providing health care and we facilitate their taming and training.”

  • individual boxes
  • 5 Farms fenced common
  • 3 Zones dressage
  • Walker
  • Cleaning area
  • Guadarnés

Enjoy the experience of knowing this unique natural and cultural environment horseback.”

  • Routes of 2 to 4 hours (Dierra de Mamblas, Retuerta, Valle del Ura…)
  • Routes 1 day (Monasterio de Silos, S.Pedro de Arlanza, Ribera del Arlanza…)
  • Routes 2 days (Ruta del Destierro del Cid…)
  • Routes 6 days (Burgos-Cañón Río Lobos-Laguna Negra de Neila)
  • Special routes (Luna llena, Valle del Arlanza, rutas a medida)

“You can leave your horse at our facilities, we’ll take care of it.”

In our facilities you can enjoy all the services you need.

  • Accommodation and feeding
  • Cleaning and brushing
  • Ironwork
  • Veterinary services
  • Maintenance
  • Training

PROATUR has organized and collaborated on 3 dressage competitions …