SALIDA Covarrubias
LLEGADA Quintanar de la Sierra
DURACIÓN 8 Días – 7 Días Hotel régimen M.P – 6 Días a caballo
Nº DE PAX GRUPO Entre 6 y 9 pax.
TIPO DE ALOJAMIENTO Hoteles y Casas rurales en Media Pensión
ÉPOCA DEL AÑO Abril a Octubre
Alojamiento, desayuno y cena Guía y vehículo de apoyo
Habitaciones dobles/individuales Comida en ruta
Seguro de responsabilidad civil Silla vaquera
Caballos domados, cruzados y españoles




Día 1

Llegada a Covarrubias.

Día 2

Covarrubias – Covarrubias

Día 3

Covarrubias – Santo Domingo de Silos

Día 4

Santo Domingo de Silos – Navas del Pinar

Día 5

Navas del Pinar – San Leonardo de Yagüe

Día 6

San Leonardo de Yagüe – Quintanar de la Sierr.

Día 7

Quintanar de la Sierra – Nacimiento del Río Arlanza

Día 8

Salida de Covarrubias

Opiniones ruta

5 based on 5 opiniones
14 Mayo, 2016

The route is an astounding variation of trails along and across creeks, rivers, gorges, through cherry tree orchards and farmland, beautiful pine and redwood forests, wild west scenery and medieval villages with narrow alleyways, old churches and monasteries. Storks nesting on chimneys, vultures circling the skies. Long and fast gallops, beautiful and sensitive, untiring and surefooted horses! And Jose, the owner and guide, is an experienced, humorous and prudent man. Accompanied by Ula from Poland, who is the translator and woman for ‘everything’, caring for all, loveable, merry, very fine rider, finding solutions for the most unthought-of situations……..
The week was marvelous. I wish I could be back this year, will definitely come again next year!

14 Mayo, 2016

Fantástica experiencia, hemos disfrutado mucho de la ruta con nuestros clientes. Esperamos veros pronto en otra ruta!!

26 Enero, 2017

An amazing 6 day tour in rural Spain, every day it feels the scenery gets more and more spectacular. There is a horse to suit every riding ability and before the end of day one I guarantee you feel that special bond between horse and rider.
I have ridden this route three times and every time as enjoyable as the last, there is no better way to see Spain, make new friends and enjoy the great food and wine that is prepared for you along the way.

31 Enero, 2017

Horses for every ability are catered for. As long as you listen to the detailed instructions on how to ride “Spanish Style” (it can take a day to really get the hang of but is pretty simple) then you will have a great ride.

6 Marzo, 2017

Hemos terminado encantados con los paisajes,caballos y guias.
Repetiremos seguro.

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